New to blogging

Blogging is something new to me so I hope I am doing this correct.  One of the sites that I liked was  This is a blogging tool for teachers.  The teachers use this forum to try to promote the development of effective communication skills in their students.  Teachers can create an account for themselves and use it to publish blogs that they write themselves.  They can also use it to create student accounts where the teacher maintains publishing control.  This site features different blogs that are chosen by member teachers.  I like this site because of the teacher controls.

The second site I liked was  Wordpress can be a website or blogging tool.  It is free.  I chose to use this site because it was user friendly.  I also like it because I could download the app on my phone and not miss a beat.

The third site that I liked was  The design immediately caught my eye.  As a teacher, I am always referring to dates and this site has a classroom planning calendar with working links to help plan for special days in the month.

I hope this is what I was supposed to do and this post helps somebody.